LT200 Voltage Detector



LiveTester is a technological breakthrough in non-contact voltage detectors. By utilizing state-of-the-art electronic circuitry, StarLogixs has developed a completely new design in voltage detection equipment.

The patented ferroelectric detector and updated design techniques maxmizes reliability and long life, and provides increased safety for today’s electrical personnel.
Static Discriminator technology exclusive in LiveTester provides more reliable detection on low voltage ranges and now means no more false alarms. This makes LiveTester the first non-contact voltage detector suitable for patrolmen work and detecting pole leakage.

LiveTester incorporates a universal attachment into the handle. Can be fitted to standard sunrise or shotgun attachments without any loose adaptors.

  • Patented Ferro-Electric Detector
  • Electronic Touchpad control
  • Full inbuilt self-test function
  • High-quality beeper
  • Water resistant design
  • Visual indicators
  • Auto power off
  • Operator feedback – both visual and audible
  • Low battery indication
  • With Static Discriminator