SpaceBin 660

Introducing SpaceBin 660, the revolutionary technology for compacting waste in space-poor areas.


SpaceBin 660 is a general waste reduction system specifically designed to minimise everyday waste and rubbish collection for retail and commercial businesses up to 50%

Below you will see an informative video on how SpaceBin 660 operates in a loading dock space. 


  • Up to 50% rubbish volume reduction.
  • Suitable for 660 litre waste bins that contain soft rubbish including paper, food scraps, plastics and soft cardboard. 
  • Lightweight, portable and can be wheeled to any location.
  • NO HYDRAULICS - This means no risk of oil spills and suitable for a commercial environment. 
  • 12Vdc battery operated system.
  • Fully Guarded.
  • Category 3 safety switches that prevent the machine from operating when opened. 
  • Monitored dual contact emergency stop buttons.
  • Full StarLogixs Control System. 
  • LED cycle display, LED battery charging & low battery indicator. 
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