Australia’s First Adaptive Fence Energiser

FarmHawk Fence Energiser

Perfect for use on farms and hobby blocks, The FarmHawk D-Pulse Electric Fence Energiser is Australia’s first portable solar energiser able to adapt to changing conditions and emit a high-powered output pulse when required.

The D-Pulse technology built into each unit allows the unit to monitor the fence and change it’s output pulse energy. The unit is able to monitor up to 25km of fence line and only emits a high energy pulse (up to 2.5 joules) when an animal makes contact with the fence. The remaining time the unit transmits a low energy pulse which reduces the need for large solar panels and reduces the risk of fire from fence arcing.

The adaptive fencing technology system is intelligently controlled by a microprocessor and can ignore slow changes in fence conditions like increasing moisture or grass growth into the wires. If a sudden change occurs (maybe a tree limb falls and partially shorts the fence) it can learn this as a new ‘normal’ condition and revert to low energy pulse outputs until an animal again touches the fence.

Each unit includes a coordinated lightning protection circuit, designed to reduce the damaging effects of lightning on the unit.

Due to the nature of lightning, there is no absolute guarantee that any electrical system can be made to withstand a lightning strike. It depends on the proximity of the strike to the equipment, how conductive the medium between the strike and the equipment is, and also the severity of the lightning strike. However there are things that can be done to reduce the effects of lightning, and these schemes can be quite useful to reduce the frequency of damage from lightning.

The unit requires no operator setting or input.

Simply connect to the fence, switch on and let the in-built microprocessor do the rest!

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