Australia’s First Adaptive Solar Energiser!


FarmHawk is the first portable solar energiser able to adapt to changing conditions and emit a high-powered pulse. The system is intelligently controlled by a microprocessor that can ignore changes in fence conditions like increasing moisture or excess grass growth into the wires. The unit requires no operator setting or input.

Simply connect to the fence, and let the in-built microprocessor  do the rest!

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With over 30 years of experience in repairing electric fence units, our FarmHawk Solar Energiser has been designed to integrate advanced technology whilst maintaining simplicity and power. Ensuring it meets the demands of modern farming.

  • D-Pulse Technology – Inbuilt into each unit and allows the unit to ‘learn’ the normal fence conditions and adapt as necessary. 
  • High Energy Pulse – Up to 2.5 Joules. (Monitors up to 25km of fence line).
  • Coordinated Lightning Protection – This energiser contains a coordinated lightning protection circuit that is designed to reduce the damaging effects of voltage surges due to lightning on the fence conductors. This circuitry is self resetting and requires no service during the life of the product (disclaimer applies).
  • 2 Button Control System – Our 2-button control system makes it easy to power on the unit. The display button can also display output voltage in kilovolts and fence amps. The unit can also indicate if there is a possible short in the fence via the LED display.
  • Detachable Solar Panel – The solar panel can be easily fitted. Designed with 2 guide slots and a screw for easy installation. In the event the solar panel is damaged (by stock or force of nature) a replacement solar panel can be purchased and installed to the existing unit.
  • Lead Set – A set of connection leads are provided for easy connection of the FarmHawk unit to the fence. 
  • 12V 7AH Battery – Included with each FarmHawk. in the event the battery needs to be replaced, a replacement battery can be purchased and fitted to the existing unit.
  • 12 Month Warranty 

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