StarLogixs Service Manuals

Service Manuals can be downloaded as a PDF from the StarLogixs Website. If further information is required on Autobaler Controllers.

Please email:

For urgent enquiries please contact the Office on:  (02) 67345 262. 
Operating Hours are between: Mon – Thu: 9am – 5pm mark

Industrial Controllers

Combo Controller

  • Combo controller separate power pack
  • Combo controller shared power pack

CybaMicro Controller

  • 2011 Manual
  • Latest Operating Manual

CybaSmart Controller

  • CS Operators Manual
  • CS Service Manual

Pressmate Controller

  • Owners Manual
  • Service Manual

Remote Control Systems

Gate Keeper

  • Gate Keeper Operational Manual
  • Gate Keeper Brochure

Voltage Detector Manuals

LT220 Voltage Detector

  • LT220 Operation Manual
  • LT220 Brochure
  • LT-US Live Tester Operation Manual

Cable Core Identifier Manuals

Cable Core Identifier

  • Cable Core Identifier Manual
  • Cable Core Identifier Brochure

Office Enquiries
Opening Hours are between
9:00am to 5:00pm AEST Monday to Thursday

13 Carl Baer Circuit, 
Deepwater, NSW 2371, 

Service Enquiries
(02) 67 345 262

Technical Enquiries

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